Chelan-Douglas Republican Women

P.O. Box 3817
Wenatchee, WA 98007

​April 1, 2019  


  Whereas, On March 8, 2019, The National Federation of Republican Women issued an action alert opposing passage of H.R. 1, a bill that would put the ballot box under attack and result in a federal takeover of elections, and 

  Whereas, Democrats prevented Republicans from adding language to H.R. 1 that would have condemned voting in U.S. elections by non U.S. citizens, and

  Whereas, Republicans have long supported existing federal law that allows only U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections, and 

  Whereas, we believe that allowing non-citizens to vote in local or state elections devalues and diminishes the voting rights of U.S. citizens, 

  Now, Therefore be it resolved, that the Washington Federation of Republican Women oppose non U.S. citizen voting in local, state and federal elections, and 

  Be it further resolved, that the president of the Washington Federation of Republican Women cause a copy of this resolution to be sent to the National Federation of Republican Women requesting their consideration and adoption.

                                                                                                Protect our Voting Rights Resolution  
                                                                                                submitted and passed by  
                                                                                                Chelan Douglas Republican Women 
                                                                                                April 1, 2019 

Chelan Douglas Republican Women
Legislative Report
May 6, 2019

SB 5078 – forced release of tax returns:   This bill was passed by senate democrats this session in an attempt to force the president and vice president to release tax returns or forfeit their right to appear on our state’s ballot. Although this bill did not pass in the house, it tells us that WA State democrats are in lockstep with their far left counterparts in the Congress.  

Green New Deal House Resolution 109: Sponsor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Green new deal is not all about climate change. 

Did you know it aims for the federal government to:

1)guarantee economic security for anyone who is “unwilling’ to work.
2)guarantee every American a job with a family-sustaining wage that includes family and medical leave, paid vacation and retirement security.
3)provide all Americans quality healthcare, affordable housing, economic security, clean air and water, affordable food and access to nature.
4)provide higher education to all Americans.
5)create union jobs that pay prevailing wages.

All this along with the impossible demands for changes to our energy environment that would not work but would upend nearly every aspect of our economy and society. Cortez uses scare tactics to insure her sound bites are being properly publicized by the media.  


At our April 1 meeting, members passed a resolution stating that they oppose non U.S. citizens voting in local, state and federal elections. It had unanimous support. It has been forwarded to our State organization (WFRW) to be voted on at their May meeting and from there we are asking that it be sent on to our national organization (NFRW) requesting that they also adopt it.

This resolution came from our legislative committee in response to a major shift by democrats away from supporting federal law that specifically allows only U.S. Citizens to vote in national elections. San Francisco is now allowing noncitizens to vote in local school board elections. In March, during discussion of a federal bill (H.R.1), democrats voted to defend illegal immigrant voting in our elections. One democrat senator stated “We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in”. The entire resolution is shown above. 
A Resolution by the Chelan-Douglas Republican Women